About the corona virus

About Corona


Please read! Important information for international visitors!

What is COVID-19 & How to act!


PLEASE READ! We need to work together to handle the corona situation. Please respect our guidelines and listne to the the recommendations from our staff!


How we work around Crona:

Our guidelines to lower the impact and spreading of the corona virus

Stay at home if you feel any symptoms of a cold or any other illness!
Keep 2 meters physical distance from each other.
If it looks very busy in the café, wait outside for your turn.
If the walkways feels crowded, try choosing another path.
Avoid or minimise physical contact as much as possible.
Wash your hands often and thoroughly.
Respect and follow guidelines and advise from our staff.

If you have previously visited us you know our indoor spaces are rather small and limited. We ask you for flexibility and consideration to us and others to help us manage a bigger number of visitors on sunny days. To be able to keep our doors open we will need your help and patience to manage potentially longer cues and service times on busy days in the café and shop. By respecting each other we will be able to keep the physical distancing in the café, outdoor in the reserve and in our gardens.


Guided tours
Our guided tours will be held outside and we keep a physical distance to each other.
We have limited our guided tours to 15 people. You find some more information about date and times for our tours under the tab "Guidning" on the website as well as updates on Facebook. Or if you need further information or want to book for a group at another time, please call us +46 (0) 476 213 18


Together we can manage this time!




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